Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freebie Weekend

It started accidentally.

First, I stopped at the library after work and picked up the two movies I'd reserved ("Charlie's War" and "Angels and Insects") for free weekend viewing.

Then Friday evening, a neighbor who was headed out to a local park for a free blues concert, invited me to share a picnic dinner with her family. I'd won a free six-pack of "Mike's Hard Lemonade" in a grocery store drawing earlier in the week, so I brought that along as my contribution, along with a bag of potato chips that had remained miraculously unopened. The weather was warm, the music cool, and the company, great.

On Saturday, a friend and I used our Bank of America debit cards for free entry to a local historical mansion and our local art museum. This is a program available on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month, wherein any proof of a Bank of America account will get one into various city attractions. It's too bad I live nowhere near New York City, because the Bronz Zoo is on the list.

Lunch was another picnic, this time on the grounds of the mansion, with a terrific view of my city, including the mountains in the background. Salami sandwiches and leftover hummus never tasted so good. Then we went to an IMAX movie with the two free tickets I'd gotten a couple of months ago when the projector ate the film I'd gone to see. (I'd only purchased one ticket, but the theatre gave out two tickets to each of us as compensation for the inconvenience.)

Today I went to an office brunch to honor our summer interns.

So here it is, not quite noon on Sunday, and I've spent exactly $3.00 for the entire week-end. (If you must know where the $3 went, consider that Grace NEVER watches a movie without popcorn!)

Now that I see what a cheap weekend it has been, I think I will deliberately not spend anything for the rest of the day just so I can say I had a $3 weekend! And I didn't skimp on a thing!


Bucksomeboomer said...

Grace, great examples of how to have quality time and experiences without spending extra money.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful "free" weekend! Sounds like you had a great time, and I agree, I don't watch a movie without popcorn! :)

Carol said...

I love it!!! Your post made me smile big time! (I would've bought the popcorn, too)