Friday, August 21, 2009

Bi-Polar Finances

With apologies to those truly suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder (a mental illness I wouldn't wish on anyone), I sometimes wonder if I'm financially bi-polar. Keep in mind that in the rest of my life, I am a pretty steady, optimistic person. But when it comes to money, particularly MY MONEY, my emotions go all over the map--not always rationally.

Take today. For several weeks, I've been waiting for a $75 check to come through my account. I dutifully subtract it from my balance each time I view my account online. Then the bank notifies me that they made an error, and that the check was actually cashed back in June, and that it has been subtracted from the account already.

Which means I have $75 more than I thought.

Which means I'm ecstatic.

Over $75?

I have to get out more!

But just a week ago, I was depressed because I may well have to get a new (to me) car. The vehicle issue has not resolved, so I should still be depressed, right? But, no--I've got $75 that is new money to me!

It bothers me that I can be so thoughtful, so rational, in other aspects of my life, but not with my finances. I flow emotionally in whatever direction the financial wind is blowing.

Yesterday was down. Today is up. God only knows how I'll feel tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You're normal. It's the economy. It doesn't fluctuate yearly or quarterly like in the 'before time'. It changes rapidly like every hour or so. Look at the stock market.

People used to say I was bi-polar also. We're not. It's just the unstable life ALL of us are living these days.

Florence said...

I know exactly how you feel!! I think it is because there is just so little stability in the economy these days. No job security, retirement accounts aren't what they used to be, houses don't sell, the price of oil goes sky high and then plummets, nobody knows what's going to happen with Social Security and Medicare, not to mention healthcare in general. It's no wonder we are all borderline bi-polar!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about things you cannot control. $75.00 you did not know you had? Give yourself a treat. and enjoy it.

See Ya