Friday, August 16, 2013

Life Goes On. But this Blog Doesn't.

I realized the other day that I haven't written a post for this blog in months.

More importantly, while I still read the blogs in my blogroll, I'm actually reading far more 'mommy' blogs these days than finance blogs.

I started this blog six years ago because I was utterly panicked at my lack of retirement plans, either financial plans or emotional ones. I thought exposing my finances, albeit anonymously, would help keep me honest and would garner me support as well as help me face reality.

I have to say it has worked out exactly that way. You have all been wonderful, even or maybe, especially, when critical.

It's been an amazing six years. I got my youngest child educated and out the door. I survived a quadruple by-pass. I saved for my retirement. And I cut my debt, though not nearly to the extent I might have wished.

I'm not giving up on any of my goals. Some are going better than others. My retirement funds went into the black hole of the recession but I kept contributing throughout. They have now fully recovered, and at this point, I have nearly reached my goal of $400,000. According to projections, I am actually on target to have $450,000 at age 69. But that retirement age is a moving target. Given that my grandson will not graduate high school until I'm 71, I'm strongly considering working until then.

My car is now paid off. My house has less than a year to go.

My debt is reduced some but this blog has charted the ups and downs of that. There are days when it seems to me I've made Murphy a permanent house guest. I should have paid off all my debt by now but it's no use whining. My job is to keep whittling away at it.

I'll leave the blog up for awhile, but eventually, it will disappear into the ether.

It's been a grand six years. I thank you and so does my budget.