Thursday, February 5, 2009

Errata, Part Deux

More tidbits too small, too insignificant or too embarrassing to have a post all by themselves:

1. So, with reference to my whining post below, I wound up with a blocked line to my oil tank and a repair guy who was booked for the next week, but, at 1.5 times the usual rate was willing to come out that same evening. Exit $178.

2. My sister agreed go halves with me on a used vehicle for my granddaughter. Together, we told her we wouldn't pay more than $2500 total so she found one for $2400. Fortunately, one of her good buddies is a mechanic, who examined the car and pronounced it to be in decent shape for commuting. So, I'm down $1250 rather than the $3000 I feared. I did pay attention to the comments made when I first posted about this, but I ultimately decided that it is important for my granddaughter's future that she stays in college, and it is going to take a car for her to do that. She does have a part-time job and does contribute to her own keep. She will eventually have to get loans, but I want to help her put that off as far as possible.

3. I haven't posted my monthly financial update. Now, I'm burying it in the middle of this post because my total indebtedness decreased by a measly $390 during the month of January.

4. Where's JW? I made my usual swath through the regular blogs on my reading list, and suddenly "Need To Be Debt Free" has gone missing. I hope it's not permanent. When they make me God (maybe you shouldn't hold your breath!) I plan to have rules about blogs just disappearing on me.

5. I read Suze Orman's "2009 Action Plan,", having downloaded it for free from Oprah's website. Nothing new in it, but a lot of good, straight talk about the current economy and the likelihood that the recession will last awhile.

6. And finally, some GOOD news! My auto insurance company (the one that also provides my homeowner's coverage, but cut me loose after the garage fire) is rescinding their prior termination of my auto insurance. I have no idea why, but since I'm getting a great rate from them, I'm NOT going to argue. Some days it pays to have a good broker who will go to bat for you.


Kemkem said...

When it's all said and done, you should still have a bit left over from your tax refund. Good for you!!! I'm glad your sis shared the car expenses.

Anonymous said...

Something bad must have happened to JW's website. He gets a lot of negative commenters. He'll be back. Somehwere.

Glad the insurance co took you back.

Good with the car for granddaughter also. safety is important. glad it worked out.

Grace, somewhere in heaven is a special, special place for you. You are truly a gem!

CT Mom said...

Wow, you're right - JW's blog is gone! Quite a train wreck, but an entertaining read just the same.

Sounds like things are going well for you ... have a good weekend!

Carol said...

Oh that's great news about the insurance company!!! I am confused as to why they had second thoughts, but, like you, who am I to argue, huh?

If it's not one thing, it's another, isn't that the way things go? Every time I think "ok, now that's over, I can get back on the budget now...", it turns out I'm wrong. So I can relate!

Sharon said...

Going DOWN in debt is ALWAYS better than going UP! $360.00 is real money...Good for you!
Glad things worked out for your car insurance, and Morrison is are a gem!

Florence said...

About JW's blog, I am afraid that he put too much really personal information and some of it may have made its way back to his employer. I got aggravated with JW but really admired his determination to get out of debt. I'll miss him.

boots586 said...

Re: JW

According to a post at wewannabedebtfree.blogspot, one of JW's commenters turned him in to his employer who demanded that he terminate his blog. JW is looking for another job. Above blogger is hoping to hear from JW again.

JW had a lot of readers who kept up with his trials and tribulations-witness the comments here from JW readers.

Grace. said...

Thanks for the info on JW--it's just incredibly sad that anyone would endanger his livelihood like that. I've never understood why people took his stumbling toward debt freedom so personally when he failed to take their advice.

Louise said...

grace thats good news about the insurance,

and I was wondering where jw went myself, I saw a client last week who got fired for a one line comment about her employer on facebook

Shevy said...

Oh Grace, I feel for you about the oil tank. So much like what happened to me last year. ((Hugs))

And it's really too bad about JW. He had the most negative commenters of all the FP bloggers I read. It's too bad that somebody felt the urge to overstep their boundaries and attract his employer's attention. I think he really benefited from blogging even if he didn't take everybody's advice (just like all the rest of us).

I know he's still reading blogs and he did leave me a comment in addition to replying to my email asking him what happened but I don't know how much commenting he'll do. I did ask him to let me know when he gets out of debt!