Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whining Season

Do you suppose there's a cosmic accountant lurking in the ether, waiting to see when Grace comes into money, who then pounces with glee? I'm guessing there is. As a prime example, I submit the following:

I mailed my tax forms yesterday. I was mentally counting up the places to put my refund. (Yeah, yeah, don't count your chickens before they hatch and all that!) But that was before I got home. Upon arrival, I discovered that:

1. My oil tank ran dry, never mind the 100 gallons I purchased in December. I guess unexpected snow storms do increase usage. It will cost me $184 for another 100 gallons, but I have my fingers crossed that the lines are not now clogged. If they are, it will cost $90 to get the furnace repair folks out.

2. My upstairs bathtub is leaking into my downstairs kitchen. I wouldn't have known about this except that with all the painting going on downstairs, everyone is showering upstairs. So this means my kitchen ceiling will have to be repaired and repainted AFTER we figure out why I have a leak in the first place. The plumbers are on their way, and I don't expect them to be cheap.

3. My granddaughter called to say that the used car she drives between work and college (in towns 40 miles apart) has 200,000 miles on it and is about to lose its front axel among numerous other problems. For a mere $3000, she could get another, safer, better used car.

So instead of being some $3700 ahead, I'm already behind, and I haven't even gotten the refund checks yet.



Anonymous said...

Why is your granddaughter's car problems, your problem???

I mean really, Grace.....why?

When does it stop?

If nobody takes a shower upstairs anymore, or at least for a while, can you postpone the repair???

Didn't you get $9K from the fire insurance? Didn't you share that money with your family rather than pay off your debts and put some of the money into your retirement funds?

I'm not blaming you Grace but we women do this all the time and I am no exception. Why do we women take care of everyone else BEFORE we take care of ourselves? Haven't you done enough for others? When is it your turn, Grace? When?

Just my 2 cents. Please don't be mad at me. Just a question.

Grace. said...

I do hear ya! But it is very important to me that my grandchildren go to college. In this particular grandchild's case, her mother was damaged by fetal alcohol effects, but the granddaughter is perfectly normal and quite bright. She lives, works and goes to college in a fairly rural area with no public transportation, so a car is a necessity.

About that $9000 from the fire--easy come, easy go! I paid for repairs to my rental home on the coast, college tuition for the same grandchild, Christmas (which was budgeted at $2000 but due to weather conditions, wound up closer to $3000) and various other money-eating activities. $1000 of it did land on my debts, and wiped out my smallest one, so that was good.

I'm not mad at you--I just need to think about what you are saying. And in the meantime, my kitchen ceiling is leaking!!

Sharon said...

Crap. That's all I can say. Murphy wasn't invited this time? Why does he keep showing up? I'm sorry Grace, when it rains it pours.

We are suppose to purchase office furniture, but not until the savings account registers 5,000.00 will I even consider it. Murphy is due to visit our home soon...I can just feel it..

Anonymous said...

Grace, does your grand-daughter work? I worked every year p/t when i was in college in the principals office at the local high school. I think instead of assuming you'll help her out she should look for ways to earn the money or get a loan.

You can't help others if you don't take care of yourself first. It's time for granddaughter to become an independent adult.

Shevy said...

Ooh, the oil tank. I did that last year. It cost $150 to have the furnace serviced and the little sensor that got clogged replaced. But you get to fill your tank so cheaply that I'm green with envy! I filled mine with 100 gallons last month and paid $416 (and this was after fuel prices had come down dramatically)!

As for your granddaughter's car (and her college education), I understand that you want the best for her but perhaps she can contribute (more)? Or that, being so bright and having the disadvantage of an FAS mother, she might manage to qualify for something in the line of grants, scholarships or bursaries?

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but is it possible that you are overdoing it a little with her (possibly in reaction to her mother's limitations)?

Bouncing Back said...

Ugh, plumbing problems. Never easy, never cheap. I'd get my oil tank filled and I'd get my plumbing issue checked out.

Grace, you wrote a beautiful post about personal obligations and I know that you consider your grand daughters education one of your personal obligations. But does it have to extend to a car or possibly this case, a replacement car? A repair probably will be close to the cost of a replacement car, but maybe it's time for your grand daughter to "chip in" for the replacement vehicle. As Morrissay said, sometimes you have to put YOU first. Easier said than done, I know.

Good luck on your decisions and I hope the repairs are easy and cheap!


Bouncing Back said...

sorry ! morrison said

Brian Jefferies said...

I feel your pain.