Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

Perhaps, before moving on to my 2009 Goals, I should look at my 2008 goals?

Then again, maybe not. Sigh. OK, here they are, direct from my 2007 wrap-up post:

1. Reduce non-mortgage debt by $6000;

2. Do not increase credit card or loan debt;

3. Add at least $12,300 to 401(k).

How did I do? Well, the non-mortgage debt was decreased by $2000 so I didn't get even 50% toward my goal. Not increasing credit card or loan debt? Umm--well, if you only look at the end of the year, I met that goal, except that I really didn't since I incurred some increases during the spring and summer that I didn't manage to pay off until this past month.

And that last goal?

Well, Grace did her part! But the economy swallowed it all up!

So,let's try this again for 2009:

1. Pay off at least $6000 in non-mortgage debt.

2. Do not increase debts on credit cards or lines of credit AT ANY TIME during the year.

3. Add $12,300 to my 401(k).

Happy New Year to one and all. If 2009 isn't prosperous, at least let it be frugal.


Anonymous said...


I think you should consider your final '08 goal accomplished--you DID add $12,300 to your 401k. It's true that the overall value of the account decreased,but you still met your goal. And you have more shares, bought at a lower cost, than you would have had if the value hadn't gone down. I say good job, and keep working away at that debt.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you tried. And the progress you made is leaps and bounds better than if you hadn't tried. I'm happy you actually looked back and compared your goals to your progress - I haven't seen many others doing the same. I did, though.

Here's to greater progress during 2009, Grace!

Anonymous said...

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Fede said...

Happy New Year! The 401k debacle was not of your doing, so l would consider that a success. I have never set goals before, but l think this year, l will do that. It would be interesting to see if l can be that responsible.