Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vindication--Thanks to Someone Else

Over the years, I have purchased several computers from Best Buy. While I don't appreciate their hardsell when it comes to warranties I don't need or set-ups I can do by myself, I have found their sales to be the best, at least for lower-end laptops and desktops.

A few years ago, I got really ticked off when the credit card I used to purchase a desktop, was charged $21.95 for MSN Online. Apparently I was given a free trial period with MSN when I purchased the computer. I never used it because I had AOL. But when I didn't cancel it after the free trial period, my credit card was charged the monthly user fees. I called Best Buy and I called MSN. While the membership was cancelled, I never got anyone to remove that one-month charge.

I was not happy, but, for me, it ended there. I paid the money and life went on.

Someone Else who got similarly scammed was less sanguine. Someone Else got a lawyer. Someone Else sued. As a benefit for Grace, they sued for class action certification.

And guess what?

Best Buy settled.

Shafting Grace cost me $21.95.

But shafting Someone Else cost Best Buy over a million dollars.

I will get my $21.95 back. Someone Else will get his or her money back plus an additional $2500. The real winners, of course, are the attorneys who will get a quarter of a million dollars.

I am glad that someone pursued Best Buy over this issue. I am a bit ashamed that it never occurred to me to check with an attorney. I just accepted that I should have read the small print more carefully when I bought my computer.

Let's hear it for Someone Else. From the bottom of my pocketbook, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Woo! Go Class Action!

Sharon said...

Someone else probably got fed up with the nickel and diming, or just had a good attorney friend...glad you were able to recoup that cost! I hate companies that automatically renew! The Washington Post did it to me, but I called and told them I wasn't going to pay the amount, and I wanted to cancel the paper completely. Luckily, they took the charge away, but I did renew for the next 6 mos. at an all time low rate of $37.00. (That's Sunday and weekdays!) I'll just have to remember when it is time for renewal in January, to tell them that I want to cancel again, so that they can offer me a "promotional" rate again. What a hassle.

MasterPo said...

Few people realize all those "free trial periods" and "free sample" offers have in the fine print you need to specifcially cancel otherwise they automatically renew your order.

Glad it worked out for you.