Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 2010 Update

July was a good month for me. In spite of some extra expenses for my annual Zoo pass renewal and the impending birth of my first great-grandchild (wherein great-grandma was seduced by the multitude of cute outfits for baby girls, not to mention the combination baby carrier/stroller/bassinette that apparently every newborn must have--whatever happened to putting the kid in a dresser drawer?), I ended the month $21 under budget.

Better yet, I lowered my debt by $1072.17.

Of course, the roofing bill for my rental house hasn't come in yet.

But so far, so good.


Nicole said...

Great work!

My sister spent some time in a dresser drawer-- Sears was late with her crib.

Sharon said...

seems like a pretty good month! ;)

Maryl said...

Impending . . . meaning, you can still return it and get your money back. Keep your common sense securely around you and get back on track, Grace!

Grace. said...

Hmm, Maryl! The birth is impending. When I first heard about it, my response was "How could you do this to ME?" So I spent $179.99 for the stroller/everything else gizmo, and various amounts here and there when I kept running into adorable and not too expensive items of clothing. Of course it DOES all add up. After the birth, all I'm going to give them is some free babysitting!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the secret service would be a dead giveaway ... did you see them?

laura said...

Great month Grace!

Living Almost Large said...

Congrats on the soon to be great grandchild! Enjoy it!

Get them diapers instead. Let them pick out the stroller after the birth and they can choose what suits their needs.

Perhaps they want a convertible carseat and stroller more suitable to a bigger child instead of an infant travel system.

A teacher of the class I took said "infant travel systems are luxury items for people who can afford it."

Practical gifts like diapers, bottles, burp clothes, formula, etc would probably be better. I found diapers the best gift.