Friday, October 23, 2009

We, Bloggers

Did you ever wonder who we, bloggers, collectively are?

According to a recent Technorati report, we're highly educated youngish males who make over $75,000 a year.

Hmm? Doesn't exactly describe me.

68% of us have been blogging for about two years. (Grace's blog is officially 2.25 years old.) 72% of us are hobbyists. (Count Grace in that number.)

What do we blog about? The general answer is "anything I can think of," as these statistics, also from Technorati's survey show. About 7% of the hobbyists have personal finance blogs.

I find that book blogs, Science Fiction blogs, cooking blogs (which is a laugh given the low level of culinary skill I possess) and personal finance blogs are the ones I am most likely to read, though I also tune in daily for two local political blogs.

Speaking of politics, I found some interesting facts among all the statistics. 50% of personal bloggers allow politics to color their particular topics while only 37% of professional bloggers allow it. Frankly, I don't know how one can discuss most topics outside of one's immediate family without at least touching on politics. Certainly, it's hard not to bring up the subject when it comes to personal finance blogging.

Like 70% of the responders in the Technorati survey, I blog for personal pleasure (and in an attempt to exercise some personal financial discipline!) but I was surprised at the number of folks who are in it for the money--not that overall, they are making that much from their blogs.

At this point in time, I don't have advertising on my blog. I'm not opposed to it but I've never quite figured out exactly how to do it or whether it would be worth it.

Maybe I should ask one of those young, well-educated men out there?


Bucksome said...

I enjoyed your commentary on the recent article.

I found the Technorati report interesting as well even though it seems baby boomers are under-represented when it comes to blogging!

Anonymous said...

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