Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some New Blogs--Well, New to Me

This is essentially a wannabe retiree blog. As a result, most of my posts and much of my blog-reading is geared toward those saving for retirement, close to retirement, or already retired.

Thanks to Syd at Retirement Is A Fulltime Job, I have two new blogs to add to my blogroll:

First up is Analise,in Financially Free to be Me, a retired educator in her mid-fifties. I forgive her for being younger than me and for having larger savings than me. She picked a tough time to retire, but so far, isn't regretting the choice.

Another retiree's blog I've added to my list, is My Wealth Builder, a much more investment-oriented blog. I haven't read it long enough to know if I agree or disagree with the investment advice, but I particularly like this post regarding retirement during tough economic times. The author, having retired in October, 2007,(the peak of the market as it subsequently turned out) recounts mistakes made as well as what has worked out so far.


Rhea said...

A blog called Free Money Finance is not written by a baby boomer but often includes retirement finance advice!

JW said...

Thanks for the blog info. I just visited it and it reads well.