Sunday, November 16, 2008

Age 89? I Could Live With That!

Thanks to Meg at World of Wealth, I took this calculator to see what my current activities portend for my lifespan.

Their answer is that I should live to age 89. Sounds good to me!

The good news is that I was scrupulously honest in answering the questions even though it meant admitting that I'm a couch potato who snacks far too much. (Maybe I should have stayed in Japan longer, where veggies and fish are always available but Snickers bars are harder to find.)

After getting the calculator results, there is a link to suggestions for changes that could lead to a longer life. One suggestion surprised me--it said that taking iron supplements (which I do, both to prevent pica which I've had in the past and because my doctor keeps telling me my bloodtests show low iron) actually lowers one's lifespan. Something to ask my doctor about on my next visit.


CT Mom said...

Neat calculator! I took the test and I'm going to live until 101. That much longer to harass my kids. Cool!

Shevy said...

I also got 89, but I was hoping for 120! I suppose there are a couple of changes I could or should make (more exercise, more sleep, more fruits and veg for example) that might help me get there.

Carol said...

I'll be kicking the bucket at age 70 :-(

Probably due to my stress level and lack of time to exercise.

I hope I can fix it all someday!