Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ides of March

Periodically, my finances drive me into a funk.

Now would be one of those periods. I have always had a cash flow problem, some months worse than others.

March has, so far, been the pits. You'd think (well, maybe not YOU, but certainly I'd think) that getting a large tax refund would make March an easy month. But, no! There were far too many places to put that money and I'm getting dinged by expenses I'd forgotten about--such as March is when my Zoo and Science Museum memberships come due. And March is when my daughter's school wants me to buy (or sell, which I refuse to do to my friends) ten $25 raffle tickets. I might feel better about the latter if I'd ever won anything, but, again, no! Then the tire-buying I had planned for June could not be put off one more day, much less two months. And Spring Break is in March, which always means more expense with the kids out of school even if we don't (and this year, for sure, we WON'T) go on a vacation. And it turns out that when one's daughter is graduating in May, all the graduation expenses are supposed to be paid in March. And. . . and . . .

Oh, yeah--And March is when I turn 59.


I want this month OVER.

But more than that--I want a guarantee that April will be better.


Sharon said...

I feel your pain. I thought I'd have all this extra money because I no longer have car payments, but lo and behold my daughter needs braces, our summer vacation rental fee was due, and, of course, Easter baskets, spring break and losing a week of work to be home with them causes a definite cashflow problem. I look foward to April too!

Sharon said...


Living Almost Large said...

happy birthday?

Grace. said...

We'll see how happy it is, but Number 59 is on it's way--it arrives the day before Easter.

Assuming (a) that I survive until then; and (b) haven't spent all my money!

Bouncing Back said...

I thought March would be a better month as well, but like you, subscriptions to a couple places and organizations came due, what part of my tax return I can keep has to be apportioned out for some much needed minor home improvement, I forgot I scheduled an eye doctors appointment at the end of the month (and it's not covered by my Health Insurance). I think we all need a good dose of Spring and spring sunshine.

And early happy birthday!