Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ides are still Marching

Among the many things I hate about not having money is how the thought begins to occupy every waking moment.

I know obsession when I see it, and right now, I am obsessed with finding every stray penny.

Dave Ramsey talks about "gazelle intensity" in paying off debt, but sometimes that kind of intensity winds up being focused on just meeting current bills, never mind reducing the debt beyond the minimum payments.

I don't see anything character-building about these feelings. Quite the opposite. As an exmple, I was actually glad to hear that my granddaughter couldn't go to zoo with me this week-end as we'd planned. Rather than be upset that she was sick or that we wouldn't have a fun day out, I was just relieved that I won't have to spend money on the two of us for the outing.

How pathetic is that?

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Sharon said...

My mood changes quickly when I'm focused on my bills. I certainly have times when I don't enjoy the company of my family when I'm worried. But, as Suze Orman says, People First, then money, then things....