Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tony's Personal Economy is Far from His Spin on the National Economy

EMF at Engineering My Finances pointed me toward this story on Tony Snow. Tony, a spinmeister for Bush and the president's policies, both at home and abroad, has a lot in common with me: namely, procrastination. Both of us were late to get on the 401(K)bandwagon.

But the big difference between Tony and myself (beyond the fact that he makes 2.2 times per year what I make) is that he is battling cancer for the second time. It appears that he is not hoping for a cure. Instead, the goal is to turn his cancer into a chronic but treatable illness.

He DOES have decent health care. So do I.

But a whole lot of people in this country don't. And for those that do, the costs have skyrocketed.

I doubt the irony of his boss' policies on health care is lost on Tony. But good and dutiful employee that he is, he's toeing the party line regarding any form of universal health care.

Still, he's getting out the job. He's leaving others to put a happy spin on the prez while he goes back to making even more money because that 401(K) still needs filling.


Anonymous said...

In the post below you are trying to decide what bills not to pay so you can come up with $900. You say in this post that you make $76K per year ("2.2 time less then Tony Snow"), but yet you only have $1k to your name in this world?

I would say that your problems have nothing to do with the "policies" of our current president. You might want to focus some of that energy on getting your affairs in order and quit waiting for big government to come rescue you.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Grace. said...

As usual, my math is a trifle off. I make $73,000 a year. But that's a very decent salary, well above the $48,000+ median for American families.

My personal finances have little to do with the president and everything to do with me.

But when I look outside of myself and my finances, I find a world people hurting both physically and financially. Our health care system deserves a lot of the blame for that--it is a travesty given what a wealthy, resourceful nation we have.

That doesn't make me a socialist--just a realist.

Anonymous said...

I know plenty of illegal immigrants who are being treated for cancer at American hospitals. For free!

Geez, we're such a terrible country.

Stupid Tony Snow, who gave up his career to be the puppet boy for Bush. You think, maybe Snow loves this country and did it to be honorable? Duh? The man is dying of cancer. Have you seen him lately? But he has to go on the lecture circuit to earn money to give to his family before he dies. Snow gave up a profitable career to work in the White House.
I think someone should wash your mouth out with soap. How dare you say improper things about Tony Snow!!!!!!!