Monday, September 10, 2007

Sneaky Little Devils

Oh, those credit card companies!

I have a Bank of America credit card that is part of my checking account overdraft protection. That card resides with several others in a block of ice at the back of my freezer. I haven't used it in two years and there is no balance on it.

Today, they made me an offer that I probably won't refuse. If I pay any one of a number of utility bills (Comcast, electric, telephone, for examples) one time with the B of A credit card, they will send me a free $10 Union/Texaco gas card.

$10 free gas is $10 free gas, so I will likely pay my telephone bill with the credit card, then pay the card in full when I get the credit card bill.

But they are so hoping that I won't do that--that I'll run short when the credit card bill comes in and just pay the minimum. Actually, from the advertising material they sent along, they are hoping I will sign up to pay my utility bills every month by credit card.

I think it's a bet that often pays off for Bank of America. More than that, I'm sure I've fallen prey to similar tactics in the past.

Just to make certain I won't this time (and given my need to put aside my less-pressing bills this month to pay my granddaughter's college tuition, there is always the chance that B of A's tactics might work), I've decided to place an amount equal to the electric bill in a separate savings account to await the coming of the Bank of America credit card bill.

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Anonymous said...

Geez, it took just a measly $10 gas card from B of A to buy you. And we worry about oil wars.
Nice. Very nice.