Thursday, June 28, 2007

TV or Not TV

Cutting back on cable TV--or getting rid of it altogether--should be an easy choice, right? After all, TV is a mind-sucking, time-draining evil that no right-thinking, left-leaning senior citizen should be using, right? And then to actually pay a cable company for the privilege? Better to just throw the dang set out the nearest window!

Well, it would take a stronger person than me to give up TV altogether. But I am going to cut back on my cable expenses. Right now I pay Comcast $72 a month for "Digital Classic" which includes everything except the premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax).

I can easily cut $4 a month by dropping back one catagory, and will do that. But I could save an additional $14 a month by cutting back two catagories. As it happens, if I do that, I will lose Bravo channel. If Bravo goes, so do two of my favorite reality shows, "Project Runway" and "Top Chef."

On one hand, $168 a year is way too much to be paying for two shows that run 8 weeks each. On the other hand, I REALLY LIKE these shows!

For those who think that any TV is a mindless distraction, please note in my defense that, in addition to TV, I am an avid reader. I also spend considerable time on the internet. I long ago stopped apologizing for my use of television as a tool of relaxation. But I don't always admit what shows I watch regularly. (Can we say "Scrubs" or "The 440?"--and don't ask about those reality shows!)

I want to save money. I want to pay down my debts. I have better places for that $18 to go each month than to the cable company for two limited-duration series.

OK--I know what I have to do. But bear with me while I whine a little first.

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Living Almost Large said...

I like my Tivo. I watch 2 shows both law and order and tivo both. DH loves survivor and we tivo that.

Well worth the small investment for a couple of hours of pleasure. We don't go to movies, don't use netflix (not enough time to make it worthwhile), so the $30/month for cable is nice.