Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Kinda Gal

Bonnie Daly is definitely my kinda gal--She's 71, recovering from a 1980's divorce and a long stint as stay-at-home-mom. Read about her at:

Initially, when I read the article, I thought she was way ahead of me in terms of retirement savings, but then I realized that she's 13 years older, and that my retirement savings will be around the same as hers (she currently has $367,000) in 13 more years, counting stock growth and monthly contributions.

She does make about $14,000 more per year than I do, but that's including her Social Security and a military pension from her divorce as well as her nursing career which pays her $57,000 per year.

If I faulted Bonnie for anything, it would be that she still has a mortgage at age 71. I expect to be done with that at age 65. I hope to be as spry as she is at age 71.

But what I loved most about the article was the "permission" to cut back her hours. I love my work, and there's no restriction on age where I'm employed. I guess my big worry has always been that I would somehow be foregoing Social Security monies if started working part-time. That's something I'll have to check out someday. But right now, when I still have a 17 year old at home, working less than full time is not an option.

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