Friday, September 2, 2011

EOM Miscellaney

1. I reduced my total debt by only $253.90 in August. To make myself feel better, I went back and checked how much I've knocked off my indebtedness since the first of the year: $6091.48. There! I feel better already!

2. I have a post (the one about mothers, daughters and money) in the current Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Stumble Forward (love that name for a financial blog!). Does anybody besides me actually read the Carnival? I do because I find new-to-me blogs through it. But in checking my Sitemeter stats, I don't see that being in the carnival has brought me even one reader.

3. Chase Flexible Rewards is offering free balance transfers and a 2.99% interest rate through 1/31/2013. So Grace joined the credit card shuffle, moving balances from cards charging 13.24% and 12.24% interest. It doesn't exactly save me money each month, but it does ensure that more of my payment goes toward balance reduction.

4. For whatever reason, and notwithstanding that its been 34 years since I was last in school, Labor Day always seems like the beginning of the year for me, and a time when I'm up for making new resolutions. Sadly, however, and much like the resolutions made in January, they don't always last. But never one to give up, I'll be spending the week-end working on them anyway.


Lisa said...

Hi Grace, Just visited the carnival, and it is huge! Lots of great reading. Your year to date in debt reduction is awesome. I did enjoy your article about mothers, daughters and money. Certainly a lot for me to think about.

Florence said...

$6000+ !!! That is great!!

Anonymous said...

I already read you, so no need to click on you at the carnival.

Terry said...

Wow, you are doing good! I hope to do as well!