Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still on the topic of Mothers and Children

Just when I thought there was nothing more to say about the financial relationships between parents and kids, there's this story about "bad mothering."

Judging from the appellate court decision the mom in question is not going to win any parenting awards but gimme a break! Sending a birthday card (which I thought sounded both cute and funny) with NO MONEY in it is "outrageous conduct?" Refusing to buy a teen age girl acne medicine results in "acute emotional trauma?" And paying for the limo but not the prom dress (never mind demanding that the little darling be home by midnight and calling her when she doesn't arrive) is "inapproriate parental behavior?" Where are these two spoiled brats coming from?

And what kind of father actively participates in a lawsuit like this? Well, except for a father who is not only a lawyer, but a bitter divorced parent. What's weird is that it looks like Dad 'won' the divorce, in that he got physical custody of both kids. That wasn't enough for him or the children?

I guess Morrison and Terry and I are all lucky our daughters didn't find themselves lawyers.

The saddest financial aspect of this story is that the otherwise very reasonable judge who dismissed this case did NOT award the mother her court costs or attorney fees. I think these kids SHOULD have had some financial consequences for filing a case like this.


Anonymous said...

Kids today are out of hand. They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. I don't blame the parents. I blame society and the media. Look at most 'teen' and 'young adult' programming. Kids expect to get what they see. Economic crisis or not.

Best you nip it in the bud. My kids have been working for themselves since they were 13 years old. Makes a big difference when they see how long it takes to put aside 50 bucks! Or pay for half their education. They don't goof off so much when they are paying from the sweat of their own brow.

My mistake, if you want to call it that, was always keeping a stiff upper lip and never letting anyone see me sweat. That created a false impression to my kids which, to this day, is still difficult to break.

But I'm working on it. I'm working on my own reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I would so not want to hire either of those brats for the fear I'd be sued for being a "bad boss" if I asked them to do their work!

Also only someone truly clueless leaves a legacy like that on the internet. But, maybe their daddy will be able to get them jobs with his fancy connections.

Grace. said...

Morrison--I'd watch your reality TV show! I note that for all the financial mistakes the parents on "Downsized" are making, all of their kids are out there earning their own money. I credit those parents for giving their kids a strong work ethic.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about 'Downsized'. The father/husband/step dad is an excellent man. Life happens. Parents make bad financial mistakes. We are all human. But that man gets up every day and continues to work very hard, get jobs and keep moving forward. Both the husband and wife guide their children but let them learn also from their own mistakes.
My free WE TV ends on Monday and I will miss Tuesday's episode. Keep me posted. I would appreciate that.

PS: I think my blog is turning into my own reality TV. Sort of.

Terry said...

Just read the article, this is truly terrible. I so feel for that poor woman. As for her children, may it come back to them sevenfold, and the father too

Songbird said...

I'll politely disagree with Todd Bruce being one heck of a guy. Anyone who is badgering his wife to buy a house (on her credit because his is shot) with only $18k in the bank - a house that is too small for them and needs beaucoup repairs, is not on my list of standup men. Where's the money coming for that? Also, when they were on food assistance, he sent the kids in to buy the groceries while he waited outside. I don't think he's all bad, but he's not all that either. Morrison, you can go to to continue getting your fix.

JBO said...

My mother indulged my brothers.
Now at 50 and 60 they expect anything to do with family to be paid for. Mom paid for their tickets to my son's wedding. Do I like that they will be at the wedding? Sure. Could we have lived without them attending? Absolutely.
Mom pays for their children's private education and public college.
I don't get it.
I am one of three sisters- she never paid one cent for our kids....
Maybe because we cut her off when we were all first married.....
We just love her for being her!

Anonymous said...

I urge you all to read the entire complaint - the Mom in this case sounds pretty horrible. She did not get custody because of a strong suspicion that she broke her son's arm. And she refused to speak to him from the time he was 7 to 18. A lawsuit is stupid, but I think she probably was a pretty awful mother

Grace. said...

Anon, I did read the entire decision, and nowhere does it say Mom broke son's arm. The implication was that she knew how it got broken and gave a number of different stories. I read that to mean that she had the child somewhere the child wasn't supposed to be or with others he wasn't supposed to be with. Frankly, if she broke her son's arm, I can't imagine this father wouldn't have had her charged. Like I said, this mom ain't exactly parent of the year. But that doesn't make the lawsuit any less vindictive or any less stupid.