Saturday, August 20, 2011

Counting Pennies--Literally

I had to laugh when I read Meg's latest post at World of Wealth. Unlike myself, an older struggling woman trying to get her retirement in order, Meg is a young upper-income banker well on her way to financial success.

But that doesn't mean we don't get some of the same thrills just counting up our change!

At a post-Christmas sale at Walgreen's last year, I bought a child's toy bank--actually just a jar with a battery-operated lid that counted all the change inserted into the jar. It was 75% off and priced at $2.54. Never one to pass up a deal, I sprang for the purchase.

I must be easily pleased, because it really is a thrill to insert dimes and nickels and the occasional quarter and watch it all add up. I've emptied the jar twice so far, so it now stands pretty empty, with $12.90 in it.

I don't bother rolling the coins, but I fully understand Meg's delight in the process. Somehow it feels like found money.


Super Saver said...

Our daughter "won" a similar bank at Dave & Busters. She loves it since it counts her change for her.

It only cost us $7 in games to earn enough points. Overall, a good entertainment value.

DeeDee said...

A few years ago, during tougher financial times (for us), we found ourselves in the position of having paid for a beach week before my husband lost his job. We could afford to go, but we weren't going to have much discretionary money.

I found a large red plastic piggy bank at the dollar store, and the beauty of it was that there was no way to get the money out without cutting up the pig. I made a commitment to the kids to put all of my change in it, no matter what, for "fun" money for the beach. I also added anything that anybody threw into the laundry. The kids were appalled, and figured we wouldn't be having any fun.

In the 7 months before I broke that thing open I accrued nearly $200. They helped us count and roll it, and got to see the money I brought back from the bank. It was one of the best lessions I ever taught them. We still do it.


Anonymous said...

My change pays for our summer vacation every year. I love love love saving it. I might have to get one of those banks though so I will always know how much is in there


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love spare change jars, really? We have piggy banks all over the place but mine is the one that gets "fed" regularly. It's a gold one I scored in Chinatown a couple years ago. I love it.

MEG said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves saving and accumulating change! If only I relished saving dollars as much...the fact that they are accumulted electronically takes some of the tangible fun out of it, so ironically saving $50 in change over a few months gives me a bigger thrill than transferring $500 from my online checking to my online savings account. Thanks for the mention! :)