Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Grace Shoulda been a Luddite

I love Science Fiction which you'd think would put me on the cutting edge of technology. But without the funds to buy into all the new technology, I've been content to wait until at least the second generation.

Maybe my electronics know they are second best?

Because all at once, they have bought the farm. Or at least vital parts of them have.

First my power cord to my laptop bent, then broke off--goodbye battery power!

Second, my Kindle, the casing of which I'd managed to crack during the first month I had it (over two years ago) suddenly wouldn't allow its power cord to charge the machine.

And finally, my landline which I get through my Comcast internet account stopped working.

Buying a power cord for the laptop was a trip. Locally, it would cost me at least $60. But on Amazon the range is from $2.99 to $80. Wow! $2.99? Well, maybe not, since the reviews kept mentioning how that particular adaptor caught on fire!

Ultimately, I spent $19 for an adaptor that included a 1 year warranty and generally acceptable reviews.

The telephone is still up in the air--meaning Comcast is sending out a repairer to figure out what's wrong and whether it is my fault or theirs. I'm thinking it's theirs, since I tried a couple of different phones, including a corded one, with no better results. If I'm wrong, it will be $60 for the house call.

And the Kindle?

Apparently no one repairs a Kindle. Which is a shame because I love my e-Reader. I may call in one of my daughters who, as a child, used to haunt garage sales, buy electronics and take them apart for fun. She still has a good record of 'figuring out how to fix things.' I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


SAK said...

call Amazon and ask about getting the kindle repaired. this happened to my MIL's kindle and they just sent her a new one (it was not under warranty). worth a try

Anonymous said...

I hope you can get your kindle fixed. Last month my husband ran over his phone(how does someone do this) and then threw his stethoscope because he was mad. Yeah money out the window....sigh


Anonymous said...

I second contacting Amazon. They actually have an entire Kindle Support Section:

It sounds like the battery won't hold a charge and therefore needs to be replaced.

Florence said...

I'm so glad you weren't a Lddite because if you didn't have a computer, I would never have "met" you!!

Grace. said...

Ah, Florence!

It's not so much that I'd never have a computer, just that I'll never be on the cutting edge. Which is why I have a cheap Toshiba laptop and NOT an IPad2.

Bob Lowry said...

I just noticed my laptop power cord is bent. Should I worry?

I just published an e-book on Amazon though I don't own a Kindle. Is that silly?

I got into a spa with my cellphone in my pocket. Is that dumb?

Am I a Luddite?

Grace. said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Probably.

That bent cord (actually a bent connection where the cord goes into the computer is exactly how my troubles started--eventually it broke off. I am happy with the $20 replacement from Amazon however.

Larry said...

I also had Amazon replace a kindle that froze. If they don't buy a used one on ebay. I've switched to using my ipad as a Kindle reader and I am sure that there are plenty of older Kindles on sale.