Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Face of Homelessness

It's not often that someone homeless also has the literary bent (and access to the internet) to blog on the subject.

But then again, when we think of homeless folks, how often do we think of a college-educated single woman with four kids? Kids, I think, she adopted.

An anonymous reader pointed me to
"The Boxcar Kids"
blog and asked me what I thought. A guest poster at Get Rich Slowly wrote about her earlier, evoking both sympathy and blistering criticism from J.D.'s readers.

I somehow missed the post on Get Rich Slowly--lately I've been paying less attention to the blog because it contains information that is too general and not as personal as I prefer when reading financial blogs. I'm grateful to Anonymous for making sure I caught up with The Boxcar Kids. I read the entire blog (it's only a few months old) and it's a frightening lesson in just how close many of us are to being homeless.

Never did the author expect to find herself in her current position Then, again, she finds herself at the pinnacle of the homeless hierarchy--her family is not technically homeless since they have a 26 foot travel trailer in which to live.

In another frame of mind, it might be an adventure.

But for a single mom who spent 30 years with a job and a middle class income, the adventure palled some time ago.

Personally, I see the blog leading to a book contract which may, in the end, save the author's family. But I'm also guessing that a publisher will want a happy ending first.

I hope she gets one.


Anonymous said...

A book deal? Maybe. Unfortunately, this woman's plight is becoming all too common now. It makes one wonder 'if it happened to her, can it happen to me?' I don't think anyone is immune anymore.

The most troubling fact about this story is what little our government is doing to get people jobs. This is the real crime against our nation. Today, Sunday 2/28 is the last day some people will be getting UI benefits. The govt. voted an extension down. Here's the link:

Over 1.1 million people will loose their benefits on March 1st. It is unthinkable that the govt can even do this (they might pass on a re-vote this week) but it's understandable. Where is the money coming from? USA is technically broke.

I find it deplorable that all our President's main concern is health care. Obama is obsessed with it while people are literally starving on the streets. But if you study history, the way a politician can get complete dictatorship is through starvation of it's people. I used to think this was an impossible thought here in America. Lately, I'm not so sure. I feel Americans are being forced to go without jobs so that the Dems can push their own agenda through Congress. The fact that the Dems did not pass UI extensions (and food stamps, etc.) makes me believe this.

The reason why we haven't seen bread lines and massive homelessness on the streets is because of the govt handouts. Once they stop, all hell is going to break loose and the new reality will hit us square in the face. It's really bad out there. My husband laughs at me when I tell him this and still thinks these events can't happen to us. I say they can! No one is immune.

My prayers are with this woman. I hope she can find some peace somewhere in America.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama is only obsessed with healthcare. He's multi-tasking. There's been a lot done to make it so the economy doesn't get even worse, and some signs the economy is recovering. This is not an easy thing to do. It's horrible that we're still so badly off, but there is only so much one person can do, especially when politics keeps posts unfilled and shuts down any sort of real meaningful debate.

I agree that that republican senator who shut down the UI extension did a horrible thing. I also don't like the way democrats seem to think they need 60 votes in the senate to do anything.

I am glad that people aren't going hungry in the US, but am reminded how important it is for those of us who are doing well to help those who are not. A very powerful blog.

MasterPo said...

Morrison - While MasterPo agrees with the rest of your post, the part about "The most troubling fact about this story is what little our government is doing to get people jobs" is off base.

Other than hire the person directly (which seems to be the course more and more with Obama these days) government can't get a job for anyone! At best government can make a more friendly environment (e.g. lower taxes and fewer regulations) then step aside.

At some point the individual has to find their own way. You know the saying about leading a horse to water...

Anon - Most people can barely do 1 thing well, 2 poorly, and 3 or more barely.

Guess where Obama is?

(Hint - Other than spending OUR tax dollars like a drunk sailor doesn't seem to have accomplished much.)

Chantal said...

No worries. We'll make our own happy ending!