Monday, January 4, 2010

Free is the Right Price

The folks at Wallet Pop are offering David Bach's book Start Over. Finish Rich as a free download.

This offer is good only for today.

In general, I find Bach's books too short and too simplistic. If you've read any one of them, you've read them all.

BUT, it never hurts to start a new year or a new decade with a fast financial read, so I've downloaded the book, and I do plan to read in the next day or two.

You can't beat the price!

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Morrison said...

I've read half of Bach's book and have already found a severe problem with it. David Bach wants everyone to start over again from now, The Great Recession. While in theory it sounds wonderful and Bach goes on that recessions come and go (thus you have to keep rebuilding yourself over and over again from ground zero). What Bach has NOT taken into place is that people age over the years and eventually NO, you can't recover from yet another recession.

From my own account, last recession I was 50 (2001) and in my 30's during the Stock Market crash of 1987. Today, I am nearing 60 and NO! I AM NOT IN THE POSITION TO START ALL OVER AGAIN, DAVID BACH!
No, David Bach, the fundamental rules have not changed as you state. The fundamental rules of money and wealth have most assuredly changed!
Also, who in their right mind wants to be rich anymore? Every politician and their brother keeps lowering the 'rich' score (now $100K a year) and are taxing the bejesus our of them. Better to learn how to live on $50K a year (as I have) than continue running on the rat-race treadmill. Furthermore, salaries are lower than before, houses are worth less than before, taxes and inflation are up, prices are higher....
Need I go on?
Geese, I hate these so-called financial experts.

Want to know how to successfully manage your life and (ah hem) "wealth" in 2010 and beyond? Learn to live on less. I manage on $50K a year (down from $100K in the 'before' time. I'll be posting my financials on an upcoming post explaining how I do it. I no longer considered surfing the ups and downs, lows and boom times 'normal' in my lifetime.

What I seek is a steady course.

I'm betting that's what most people want to do also.