Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Variety of Thoughts

1. The End of the Month financial report is not good. Instead of a deficit reduction, I actually increased my debt by $433. My excuses are many and pathetic--one granddaughter's college tuition; another adult child's counselling (Trust me, this is a GOOD expense meeting a need that has existed for a long time!); Co-pays on TWO (Count'em, TWO) auto crashes, neither of them my fault. The first, which I mentioned in an earlier post, occurred during my June vacation when someone sideswiped my parked van. Four weeks later, a suicidal deer jumped in front of the same van. Each time I had to pay the deductible so there went $500. OK, so my total debt, including my mortgage is $91,695.

2. My quarterly net worth didn't fair any better--it's down $12,637 from last quarter (which had gone up almost that exact amount from the first quarter of the year, meaning I'm back where I started in January) But at $550,117, and given the vagaries of the real estate market, not to mention the stock market, I'm OK with that.

3. Bob Lowery often comments on this blog, and I have had his Satisfying Retirement blog in my blogroll for some time. But these days, he and his family can be found gracing Money Magazine as well.

4. Speaking of blogrolls, I regretfully removed Mein Taglich Brot from the list because Julie called it quits only a year and five months into it. Too bad because I enjoyed her perspective as a woman my age forced into an earlier retirement than anticipated as well as a bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

I enjoy reading your blog. I also enjoyed Julie's. I was sad to see that she quit blogging. I hope she is okay.


Anonymous said...


Plans for next month? Staying away from deer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grace, for the shout out on my blog. I am in the process of creating a new blog which will be a continuation of sorts of my financial and personal story of life in retirement after bankruptcy and loss of home. I wanted a fresh perspective in the new blog and consider "Mein Taglich Brot" the past with the factors leading up to my financial situation at retirement. My new blog "Beside Still Waters" will be about living in retirement on a reduced income, etc. I will let you know as soon as it is ready to be rolled out. Thanks so much for your support. Julie

Bob Lowry said...

What a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and see your very nice reference and link for my blog.

I'm on vacation on Maui at the moment (part of a very satisfying retirement!) but am still very much connected to my blogging life and friends. Besides, I pay all my bills on line and they don't stop no matter where i am.

The article in Money Magazine was fun to be part of. I even had a friend at church ask me to autograph the photo...a bit much!

Keep plugging away at the debt and as others have said, stay away from deers and bad drivers!

Jane said...

Hi Grace: I found your blog through Sharon's blogroll. Most of the personal finance bloggers I interact with are much younger than I am, with different goals. I'm 55, hope to retire in 3 years, have a 21 yr. old daughter I raised alone and was single until 2 1/2 years ago (not married and don't plan on it!) So I am interested in connecting with bloggers who are closer to my age and have retirement on their mind.
Can I add you to my blogroll?

Grace. said...

Sure, Jane. Us old folks need to stick together (and fend off all those young whippersnappers! I added your blog to my blogroll as well.

LC said...

Thanks for update on Julie.