Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation On The Cheap

I've been hanging out on Maine coast for the past week, with another week to go.

The trip was possible due to the largesse of my baby sister who has a summer home in Maine.

There's a lot to be said for free airfare (courtesy of my sister's airline miles) not to mention a free (and lovely) home in a picturesque New England town.

Of course, even a free vacation comes with expenses. I rented a car. Fortunately, I am traveling with my sister and another couple we both like. So I split the cost of a vehicle with our guests. We've cooked a fair number of meals which has cut down expenses, but grocery stores don't give the food away. And we're in Maine. Which means lobster! Which means more expense.

Surprisingly, the most famous lobster place we've eaten so far, Red's Eats, turned out to be a disappointment. Lots of ice-cold, tough lobster meat piled on a hot dog bun. We ate better and more cheaply at the local lobster pound.

I did go to L. L. Bean, but I managed to resist their lure. My friends have hit every antique store within a 50 mile radius but I stayed back and read books (Four so far, including Willa Cather's "My Antonia" and "Cutting for Stone.")

I've also been playing tourist, hitting the Farnsworth Museum to see the Wyeth paintings and drawings, along with Louise Nevelson's works. Today, we went to Portland to tour the Wadsworth-Longfellow House. Both times, I was hoping for a senior discount, but on the east coast, to be a senior seems to require at least 65 years of life.

Mostly this vacation is for relaxation, and I'm making the most of it. Good food, good books, good friends, and lots of good times--what more could I ask for?

Especially when it isn't costing me all that much.


Bob T said...

Speaking of free airfares, don't forget free accommodation. A friend of mine was going to make a visit down under and asked what the cost of accommodation was in Australia.
I suggested he do a house<a href=">-</a> and they wound up trading house with someone in Sydney for a house in Tennessee. That's what I call a deal!!

Lisa said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely time! Enjoy your stay!

Sharon said...

It sounds wonderful! I guess we don't like to admit we are senior citizens on the east coast, although I have already gotten my AARP membership application...

I'm going to start stacking books I want to read when I go to the lake, because shopping is not on the agenda! :)!

Terry said...

That sounds like a wonderful time Grace! Enjoy it. Like you, I am a social worker and taking a hard look at retirement. At 54 I have a few years to go, but reading your blog, I'm learning a lot! Enjoy your vacation!

Bob Lowry said...

I love Maine. I lived in Massachusetts for several years while growing up. We would occasionally vacation around Bar Harbor. The rugged coastline and pounding waves stir my soul. Living in Arizona, I've had to substitute the Oregon coast when I need a "Maine" fix.

Enjoy your time, and maybe take a few photos to post here!

Anonymous said...

As a newly retired 62-year old, I'm slowly learning about the various senior discounts in Philadelphia, PA. Some are available at age 60, some at 62, but most seem to be age 65.