Friday, May 20, 2011

Not-So-Extreme Couponing

This has been a financially tight week me.

For one glorious day last week-end I had over a hundred extra dollars.

Then, on Monday, I discovered I'd somehow forgotten to make my $162.00 car payment. It was, at that point, two days overdue with attendant late charges.

I was once again, behind on my budget. When that happens, the only two places to make up the difference are with the gas money or the food money. We all know the story about gas prices, so I was looking forlornly at my food budget and wondering if now was the time to start a starvation diet.

But then I hauled out my coupon stash, stuffed not-so-neatly into an ecologically correct but seldom used reusable grocery bag.

Therein, I found salvation.

For readers who never let fast food darken their palate--STOP READING NOW!

As it happened, my bag held a coupon for a free Arby's chicken salad sandwich and another for a free McDonald's frozen Strawberry Lemonade. Great! They took care of one night's dinner. And isn't it lucky that my neighborhood Arby's is next to the McDonald's?

My handy Entertainment Book had a Jack in the Box coupon for two free tacos. And the newspaper insert was giving away free Lara bars. As it happens, my neighbor always gives me her coupons from the Wednesday paper, so make that TWO free Lara bars. Voila! Another balanced meal!

I was signed up for a two-day educational conference, which took care of breakfast and lunch both days, and, in fact, provided extras for yet another dinner. But wait! There's more! Included in our materials were two coupons for free Starbucks drinks.

So while I don't have shelves full of couponed freebies hidden in my garage, I'm still proud of how I managed to both eat and not spend money this past week. Though maybe next time, I'll just keep a closer eye on that car payment!


Barb said...

Good for you. Couponing (even extreme couponing ) is not only bout groceries. Its about fast food, the movies, other things. That said, I bought $150 of reall food at Krogers yesterday and paid $50 for it....all real freezer food like frozen veggies, dinner rolls and the like.............Oh and I also have three $5 off % or more coupons for Kohls so here come some new earrings...

Anonymous said...


I always take those kinds of coupons to the student lounge when they come in the mail. I can't eat that stuff because of my insulin resistance, but I figure most college and grad students should have no problem.

Mysti said...

I love it!

Maureen said...

When I read posts like this one I get so jealous, we just don,t have those sort of coupons here in Oz.

Well done !!!

Anonymous said...

I love fast food coupons! Nothing wrong with a few here and there, especially if they're a good deal.

Have you considered scheduling the auto payments through your bank's internet banking? I set up all of ours through there and have never worried about due dates since.

Moms Couponing Madness said...

maureen aww im sorry =(
~ Moms Couponing Madness

LC said...

Good save!

Carol said...

That's my kind of couponing! Free is the best.....and if it weren't for loss leaders at the gas station and grocery store, I don't think we'd eat at all! There is a gas station here that always has a coupon for a free pound of bananas and a free pound of potatoes....and a coupon for a dozen eggs for 50 cents....I'd be lost without those!

Grace, I also wanted to tell you, that even though I haven't said anything lately, your comments and thoughts as to what we've been going through with DD have been so very helpful and have lifted my spirits. It's been so nice to hear from someone who truly understands....and even your last comment about not needing a partner to raise a child--I actually had kind of forgotten that (if you can believe it)...and the reminder made me stop and say "Hey, yeah, that's right!" So I just wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to read and comment on my blog...

Anonymous said...

Yes, good for you. I do that sometimes, forget something in my bag to pay. I always have rice and so will buy the dollar chickens at Wendys, or McD (way hot), or another fast food place. That is a full meal. I do coupons too, but sometimes people take the coupons from the papers!! in the machines. I am not paying enough attention at the time. I don't subscribe. Makes me pissed! I curse them badly times 100! LOL.