Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally! Some Good News about Retirement!

Thanks to this post at "My Retirement Blog," I discovered a survey that says Baby Boomers are enjoying their retirement in ways that previous generations didn't. I do have some concerns about the way the survey was conducted--maybe folks who are pleased with their current condition are more likely to respond to a voluntary online poll?

But the results are in line with how I expect to answer when I finally retire. I fully expect to enjoy myself, to be engaged in my community, to travel, and to generally participate in life. I expect that even if I have financial or health concerns.

I think Baby Boomers are more used to setting specific goals, having "5 year plans," and generally planning for the future.

I say that even though the evidence is we haven't been so great about our financial planning.

I know that I have given my life plans--the career path I chose, the children I adopted, the places I've lived--far more thought than my parents did theirs. Life seemed to happen TO them, while I feel like I have been more in charge of the life I have led.

Naturally, not all those decisions, however well thought out, have actually worked out. And, along the way, I forgot to plan for some of the details, like exactly how I was going to fund my retirement.

But hey--I'm working on a plan for that NOW!


Maureen said...

I have left it too late to hope to fund travel plans etc. when I retire. I am just hoping to have a roof over my head and be comfortable about keeping up with the bills.

Anonymous said...

Grace, good point about baby boomers in general driving our lives instead of just letting it happen.

Like you, I'm trying to get my financial ducks in a row so our retirement is not just surviving; but rather living.

Anonymous said...

Me too Maureen!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

I expect to retire at about age 67 and that gives me 17 years to get ready. Right NOW I am doing my best to get rid of credit card debt, pay down a mortgage and stash some extra cash into my Roth. We do plan to travel some before we officially retire, at least while we have our health. That may not be the best financial decision, but it is one we can live with.

Grace. said...

Ah, Lisa--to be young again and have SEVENTEEN years to retirement! I'm doing everything you're doing, but later!

Accidental Retiree said...

Yeah, my husband and I had a five-year plan, but at year 4-1/2, he lost his job of 29+ years! I am glad we did all the planning we did. We were thrown enough for a loop with the unexpected ending of his job and all that entailed. I can't imagine how it would have been not to have been as prepared as we were.

We are now working our way through the emotional side of being retired/on sabbatical, or whatever, in our mid-50s!