Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monthly Report and Miscellany

1. My total indebtedness is down $705.50 for the month of November--right direction if not a big enough amount.

2. After taxes and other charges, I didn't save quite as much per month on my change to bundled cable TV, telephone and internet. My increased expense for adding the internet will be $9.48, rather than the 43 cents I thought it would be.

3. Is anyone else watching "Downsized?" I am fascinated by it, and I think it shows a rather accurate portrait of a family that has never known financial hardship finally come to grips (albeit SL0WWWLLLLLYYYYYY!) with the reality of their situation.


Anonymous said...

Don't have cable but have been watching the promos online. Yeah. We all have been in for the rude awakening. Honestly, Grace.....who knew? Usually recessions are over in a few months. We've been going on years now and I really don't think this American life will ever return to what it was before.

Living within our means.

That was the lesson of the Great Depression. And it's now becoming the lesson of The Great Recession.


Nicole said...

Stay strong this month and beat that debt down some more!

Sharon said...

I'm not sure what to think of Downsized yet, although I watch it every week. (I dvr it and it's part of my Sunday morning ritual). I have to say, I'm not sure how much of it is "real" in this reality tv show...The idea is a good one, though. And you are right about catching on slowly....although I think it's the parents who are s l o w....

And, by the way, debt going down is ALWAYS a good thing. You are way too hard on yourself!!

S said...

It's tough to see people my age so oblivious to the obvious. They've been foreclosed on, have trouble coming up with rent and still have a kid in "cheer"? She's a teacher, for cryin' out loud; didn't she ever hear of the library to look for financial help books?

I'm with you, Sharon, they are s l o w on the uptake.

Anonymous said...

I just found out that my sat service is giving me WE free for the month as a trial. I already set my DVR and I am going to go on a 'Downsized' marathon. Then, I can make a statement regarding the show.

As for adults being s l o w to understand what's going on financially, everyone thought this recession was going to be a quickie, just like all the others. Uh huh. It's 3 years already. Our lives have been changed and they aren't going back to what we used to remember.

It's so over.

MasterPo said...

Just heard it was agreed to extend unemp bennies another 13 months! That says a lot for where the pols think the economy is going in 2011. So this is what $600 billion in 'stimulus' buys us??

Hope everyone bought some gold and silver a MasterPo suggested. Going to be a bumpy ride.

Budget Confidential said...

I just hope when the recession does end (and it will, though life as we knew it may not ever be the same) that people learn from their mistakes in the past and do a better job of saving more/borrowing less.

Great job on your saving!

MasterPo said...

BC - Don't bet on it (either one).