Friday, October 29, 2010

October Update--It's Halloween and It's Scary

This should be my last month of increased indebtedness, now that the final payment on the rental's new roof has been made. That's assuming that I don't borrow any money for Christmas.

Well, heck, let's assume that, OK?

My total indebtedness increased in October by $1044,85.

That means my year-to-date decrease in debt is a mere $1158.

Basically, I scrambled to pay off debt for 8 months, spent like crazy for two months, and here I am!

But I have slashed my Christmas budget (remember, I'm the major buyer of gifts for 12 folks!) and I'm thinking I'll get through the holidays without using credit cards, lines of credit or any other form of debt.

After that? A whole new year with new frugal resolutions!


Nicole said...

Stay strong, Grace!

Sharon said...

I've decided to not even think about Christmas until December 1st.
It might be hard, but i'll be able to keep my sanity that way. No matter how you slice it Grace, your debt is still down. Maybe not by how much you would like, but it is still down.

And, you are maintaining your assets to boot! :)! Great job!!

Carol said...

You're (almost) another year closer to paying off your mortgage, you look to have a net decrease in debt for the year, and you've preserved the value of your rental house and your ability to rent it. All this despite a big unplanned expense or two. I'd say you're doing pretty darned good.

Lisa said...

I am sure you will get through the holidays without incurring any debt. You are one determined lady and I admire your determination.

Anonymous said...

I strongly encourage you not to go into debt for a holiday. There are ways to get by without spending a lot.

No, it won't be the best year of gifts but it's better than increasing your debt load. I wish you the best however you proceed.

Anonymous said...

Can you do something inexpensive but really thoughtful for your sister this year? I'm really bad at this kind of gift, but being the better off relatives in some of DH's family relationships, I know we definitely prefer it.

LC said...

I admire your determination! Christmas gifting is a real challenge when children and grandchildren are involved. We want to spend, spend, spend! Hope you can stand firm and substitute creativity for expensive gifts. From your past posts, it seems that you have a wonderful sense of what is meaningful to grands as well as adult offspring.

MasterPo said...

Don't worry. The more you owe the more wealthy you are.


Senator Peters (D-CA) says so!