Friday, September 17, 2010

If It's Not One Thing, . . .

I've been holding my breath, waiting for the financial damage of the new roof for my rental to appear. I know my September numbers are not going to be good.

But, now it won't only be the roof. The construction guy called to say that the roof is done, and came in exactly as estimated. So far so good. Unfortunately, while they were up on the roof, they noticed that the ceramic chimney for the natural gas furnace was in bad shape, and needs to be replaced.

Did I need to know this?

But now that I do know, can I ignore it?

Oh well, I might as well bite the bullet and get the chimney fixed as well.

I am SO not a happy camper right now.


Sharon said...

Ugh. I wouldn't be either. But you may as well get it done now. Is there a discount to do both at the same time?

Nicole said...


Whitney said...

Have you considered selling the rental? Forgive me if this has already been addressed! I read your whole blog but it was a while ago. Hypocritically, I wish you posted more even though I post less than you. :-)

Carol said...

Aren't you risking a house fire if the chimney is bad? Homeownership, the gift that keeps on giving.

Grace. said...

Carol--apparently it's not completely unsafe, but it's a ceramic chimney that has been repaired with duct tape! My roofer said it's going to fall apart at some point, and that I really need a metal chimney.

Whitney--I have a great deal of ambivalence about selling the home--it is the first house I ever owned and it is in my hometown (though I guess you could say I have a new hometown now that I've been in the city the past 20 years!) I intended it to be my children's college fund or my retirement travel fund. Also the market in that town is not great at the moment. Excuses, excuses!

MasterPo said...

MasterPo just had his house's roof redone. It's a BIG roof!

On top of that the gutters have to be replaced.

What makes it worse is that MasterPo replaced the gutters 3 years ago with one of thoe leaf-less styles. Worked great - until birds nested in it and clogged it all up!

That was money down the drain. :-(
(no pun intended)