Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blogging the Bad Along With the Good

So Shevy, at Shevy's Miscellaneous Life has been hiding out rather than blog about the downturn in her financial progress. I want to tell her to let it all out rather than stop posting.

Responding as a reader, I very much want to hear about the downs as well as the ups in one's finances.

So in my blog, I don't have a problem talking about the car that stopped precipitously and had to be replaced, the clothes dryer that bit the dust and the various times Murphy seems camped out in my living room.

But I'm a bit more circumspect as to other financial issues--you know, the ones where it is MY mismanagement, MY inability to delay gratification, MY poor financial decisions that are causing setbacks.

Who wants to trumpet their failures in public?

Yet how else are we to measure our progress against that of others? How else are we to know that we're not alone slogging through the financial mud?

One of the more interesting blogs that I read is Our Debt Blog.

It should come with a warning label that reads "Do NOT Try This at Home!"

Name a mistake, and the writer of this blog has made it and is continuing to make it.

BUT, he's at least aware of the issues, and, sporadically, making an effort to control his debt. Most importantly, he blogs it all--the foolish mistakes, the debts paid off, the new debt taken on.

There are times I want to reach through the blogosphere and strangle the guy on the spot. Well, that or shake him till his teeth rattle!

But in some odd way, it does make me feel better to read his real-life examples.

Wouldn't it be nice if debt reduction happened in a straight line? If we all made financially responsible moves all the time?


Anonymous said...

I think most people know when they choose not to blog about something they're currently doing that they're not supposed to be doing ... if they blogged about it that would be enough to keep them from doing it. Does that make sense?

So we'll hear about something "bad" they did later, maybe after they've fixed the problem that it caused.

I dunno, one of my pet peeves is when people complain about a problem constantly and then do nothing to fix it (and get upset with suggestions on how to fix it). So maybe silence when they know they're going to do the bad thing anyway is just as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow-- you're right. The Our Debt Blog really is a DISASTER. The first post I read is about him taking a vacation in the Riveria to celebrate his birthday. Gee. At least it's the Mexican Riveria.

Shevy said...

Wow, Grace! You posted about me? (And you left me a nice comment too, on my blog.)

Thank you so much.

Sometimes disappearing is about not wanting to talk about things that are going sideways. Like, for example, in the middle of all this I took my Eldest Daughter out to buy her a much needed new wallet for her birthday and bought myself a very similar one too! So I spent $64 on her and another $64 on myself!

But, more than that, this disappearing I did had to do with me somehow losing sight of who I am or was, of trying to deal with conflicting sets of values and needs that were really way outside the parameters of my normal blog.

Somehow, I had to get to the point where I could give myself permission to be *me* before I could get back to it.