Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When the Job Goes Before You Do

There have been times when I've worried about hanging onto my job. But having been with my current employer for the past 20 years, I feel like I'll last, God and my health willing, for another 9. Even if I didn't, I am in a field where I could set up a private practice to bring in income, though not with the health benefits I currently enjoy.

So in spite of the occasional whine, Grace is doing OK, jobwise.

Which is good, because the economic outlook isn't so hot in other fields for those of us who are 60+ years old.

Take Carol, the subject of Liz Pulliam Weston's latest post at MSN Money.

In Weston's view, Carol might as well admit that she's retired because chances are she probably is.

The rest of this very good article talks about making the money last in a retirement that will be longer than expected, with less resources than expected. Carol has an employed husband, good unemployment and health benefits, and a positive attitude.

But it would be nice if ageism didn't figure into her life so prominently. I like to think that someone with my experience or Carol's experience would make them an asset to the next employer.

Sigh. Let's get real. It might but it's a rare employer who is willing to find out--not when they can hire someone younger and less expensive with enough experience.

Sad but true. Another of life's lessons in fairness.


Donna Freedman said...

I haven't had a full-time "day job" since November 2002. I've freelanced, and then spent four years back in college, and now am freelancing again.
I'm more fortunate than most freelance writers because right now I have a regular gig. But there are no guarantees.
What will I do if it ends? I guess I'll find out, like Carol, whether I'm retired and I just don't know it yet. Gulp.

MasterPo said...

Ever watch "Deadlist Catch"?

One of the deckhands, Russ Newberry, said on a recent episode "There's a fine line between being retired and just out of work."

Wisdom indeed.