Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday on the Cheap

Yesterday, I turned 61.

It's a corner of sorts--I can no longer think of myself as being halfway through my life.

But I have to say that I don't particularly feel old. My parents seemed old to me while they were still in their fifties. But now that I've arrived in my sixth decade, I feel surprisingly young.

Altogether, I had a good, and frugal birthday. I took the day off from work--we get three mental health days a year, and this was one of mine.

The frugality started with my Entertainment Book. I had purchased it in January through My Points at $15 off the $35 purchase price plus free shipping plus 1500 My Points. If one eats at chains or fast food places, the Entertainment Book pays for itself quickly. I have grandkids, therefore I am a regular at McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. I try to time my purchase through My Points to pay the least for the book while getting maximum points. This year, I should have waited because two weeks after I made my purchase, the same deal was offered with 1750 points. Oh Well. I immediately traded the My Points for a $10 Starbucks card.

One of the Entertainment coupons was for a free movie at a local chain on my birthday. I chose to go see Avatar in 3D. Another coupon was for free popcorn with the purchase of an outrageously priced soft drink. But altogether I got $15 worth of admission, 3D glasses, and treats for $5.75.

Earlier that morning, I used a coupon that Starbucks sent me for a free coffee drink on my birthday.

Then a friend treated me to a late lunch at a very nice middle eastern restaurant.

And my kids did the whole dinner/cake/small presents routine, which I enjoyed immensely in the evening.

Speaking of cheap, today (Tuesday) is "free pastry day" at Starbuck's, and "free cone day" at Ben & Jerry's. I've already taken advantage of the former, and plan to chase down the latter this afternoon.

Happy birthday, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

Frances said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day!

And 61 IS still young!

frugal zeitgeist said...

Happy birthday, Grace! I hope this year brings wonderful things your way.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! Ain't frugality fun? Love the 'free' stuff. I agree, 60 doesn't make one feel old(er).


Living Almost Large said...

Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day!

Sharon said...


Happy, happy birthday! I'm so sorry I'm late! But you are suppose to celebrate the whole MONTH of your birthday, right???

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love all the freebies! I heard Avatar 3D was a great movie.

60 isn't old, it's 60 young! And if you live as long as my Gramma did, you have another 39 years to go! :)

Grace. said...

Hey Sharon, it's 61 but who's counting? It would be great to live as long as your grandmother, and then to have a grandchild publish such a nice tribute!

Revanche said...

Happy belated birthday! Many happy returns and good wishes for this year.

Anonymous said...

Great planning for your special day. Please accept my belated birthday greetings!