Monday, December 28, 2009


For this last week of the decade, and the end of the year 2009, I will be assessing my finances and weighing the damage that various decisions (both those I made, and those forced upon me) have wrought. From out of that wreckage will come my goals for 2010 and the ensuing decade.

But first--the damage!

I started 2009 with a total debt, including my mortgage, of $100,879.22.

I ended the year owing 99,535.06.

Hmm--so I actually reduced my total indebtedness by an astounding $1344.16 or $112.01 per month. Funny--it hurt more than that while I was doing it!

My used Caravan was the obvious budget-killer. Without it, I would have reduced my debts by more than $10,000 over the course of 2009. Then, again, I'd be walking!

I started the year with a goal of reducing my credit card/loan debt by $6000. I would have come close to making it, except for the vehicle. (I suspect I'll be using the words "except for the vehicle" a lot this week!)

So my most obvious goal for next year will be NOT to make a major purchase during 2010. Been there. Done that. Used up the money!


Anonymous said...

you are so right todays economy is at it worst maybe things will get better but i'm like you the money is gone ...god bless

Sharon said...

I'm on the same wavelength, only I have no emergency savings....

Hopefully, the new year will prove fruitful for both of us!