Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009 Quarterly Update

On a quarterly basis, things are definitely looking up--13% up as movement on my home values and my 401(K) funds gives my net worth an increase of $66,542.21. This means I now have a total net worth of $573,722.21.

Not bad. Not up to the June, 2008 high of almost $600,000, but still fine by me.

On the monthly side of things, it's much less exciting. In fact, after all is said and done, I reduced my total indebtedness this month by a decidedly anemic $66.37.

However, I do have my excuses! September is when I have to pay in full for my transit pass, which I then recover from my flex funds over the next six pay periods. I also pay in full for my secretary, who pays me back out of her flex funds. We save several hundred dollars a year by doing it this way, but it does temporarily impact my debt reduction.

I'm going to track my spending down to the penny in October--I want to see where I'm dribbling away my funds. [Yeah, I could make some good guesses, but nothing like a few facts to make me face my own spending habits.]


John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Hey, you reduced it and that is something positive. Good work, don't minimize it. Most people iwe more!

Sharon said...

I'd love to see how someone else spends ....looking forward to the October results!