Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quarterly and Monthly Updates

My net worth, which I figure quarterly, is down 7% to $482,715. No big surprises, there.

On the other hand, I reduced my indebtedness by $828.60 this month.

Focusing on debt-reduction is obviously the way to go these days.


Sharon said...

Awesome on the debt repayment....slow and steady..and I believe your net worth will come back!

Hang in there!

Shevy said...

Yeah, there's really not much you can do about the value of your real estate at the moment but you can keep paying down debt! And real estate values will rise again, just like they've fallen and risen again in the past. I've said before that they're cyclical but they're really more of a spiral. Even when prices drop they never go back to where they started and so on.

CT Mom said...

Agreed - I'm focusing on debt repayment also. I've increased my 401(k) contribution, but don't really watch the ups and downs too closely, as it is out of my control. Debt repayment is something we can definitely do. We'll be cc debt free by October - first time ever!