Thursday, October 2, 2008

Silver Linings

The bad news should be that there was a fire in my stand-alone garage last month that caused considerable damage.

Oddly enough, burning down one's garage is turning out to be just fine financially!

Say what?

Well, not only is the entire inside reframed and painted (fortunately, the stucco outer walls and the two-year-old roof survived the fire) but my badly-graffitied garage door has been replaced with a pristine new one. While I wish the white panels didn't scream "Come On! Your gang sign belongs HERE!" quite so loudly, it really does look nice at the moment.

Who knows how long it would have taken me to replace that door otherwise?

To top it off, my neighbors across the alley approached me about renting the garage to park two of their vehicles. Don't ask me why the two guys who've lived there for years have six vehicles between them while I've been driving my solitary Dodge Caravan minivan for almost ten years.

I will probably go ahead and rent to them since I only use the garage for storage anyway.

So, far from being a financial disaster, I'm winding up with a newer, better garage and possibly, a new source of income.


boots586 said...

Good deal for you. And some extra eyes watching the garage door also, since they will have a vested interest in the garage.

Momthing1 said...

What do you plan to do with your new additional income? Inquiring minds want to know.

Grace. said...

Hah! Inquiring minds have already seen my debt load, and THEY know exactly where any additional income will be going!

Momthing1 said...

That means this new income which volunteered to fall into your lap will be shaving some time off of your indebtedness.

I'm jealous. I want some new income to volunteer to fall into my lap.

Shevy said...

There's a Chassidic saying that goes, "After a fire you become rich". Well, maybe not rich but somewhat better off. Renting out the garage sounds like a great idea.

As for the garage door, buy white spray paint and immediately cover up any graffiti that appears. Every time. Let these so-called gangsters know that you will not allow them to disrespect you and your property.

Encourage all your neighbours to do the same. When taggers can't gain a foothold they eventually give up and go somewhere else.

Some cities even have a service that does this for you, but I don't know if you can use them multiple times.