Monday, August 25, 2008

The 167th Carnival of Personal Finance is Up

My last post, "Money Isn't Everything" is one of the many posts listed in the 167th Carnival of Personal Finance.

Broke Grad Student uses an Olympics theme to separate out the selections. I do wish that instead of just listing titles, he would have given us the name of the blog and, maybe, a little bit about the posts, but given the large number of submissions, that may have been too much work. Notice that Grace submits to carnivals, but you don't see her volunteering to run one!

I particularly liked Hazzard's thoughts on What are my Options for Retirement? from Everybody Loves Your Money. Though, once again, I can't help wondering why people spend their lives in jobs they find only so-so. No work is all fun all the time. But given how long our work lives are, why would one choose to spend so much time hungering for retirement day?

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