Monday, July 28, 2008

Wrapping Up July

After two months of increasing debt, I am back on track.

Sort of.

I reduced my total indebtedness by $1,175.59, which is good.

Of course, last month, I had increased my debt by $1343.88 so I'm not exactly even yet.

And there's the rental that has to be painted in September. And my granddaughter's college tuition. Not to mention that my 23 year old daughter is thinking seriously of entering community college this fall.

But on the positive side, my 33 year old daughter, after a "month-long stay" that started three months ago, is in the process of moving her family out of my home. It's supposed to happen by Friday, and will be worth a whole post of its own!


Sharon said...

After having my older two home all summer and their active social life (having friends over here to eat and stay), I am welcoming a little peace and quiet soon too! It's been a bit of a financial strain, but I suppose I will miss all the company too.

College tuition is on our list of payments as well...

Jerry said...

I'm heading off for grad school in a month, here, and I am using personal savings and my own loans to lead me through. Don't get me wrong, help from parents is a darn good thing, but it should not be a burden in my opinion, and it should not take the place of savings for the parents' future... and parents certainly oughtn't be used as a backup insurance policy of sorts! Good luck with your continued efforts to whittle that debt away, I admire your grit!