Sunday, May 11, 2008

God Bless the Mothers. And the Sisters

It was a good Mother's Day, notwithstanding that my own mother has been dead for the past 18 years.

Four of my five daughters made brunch at my house. (This was a consession to my budget. Last year, we went out for dim sum--my daughters paid for me and I paid for them. Hmm--something seriously wrong with that picture!)

But one of the nicest surprises was when my sister and I had our weekly telephone call. I did, in fact, ask her if she would cover my grandson's summer camp. She agreed. Then she inquired as to what kind of gift to give my 17 year old for graduation. I told her I was getting my daughter a laptop computer, but that the graduate could really use the Microsoft Works software package (which runs anywhere from $119 to $149) since computers these day come with a rinky-dink word processing program when the kid really needs Microsoft Word. Instead, my sister proposed that SHE buy the computer and I buy the software. That really, really works for me!

So I'm feeling much better about my finances this month (even though I still have that $1800 loan). And I'm feeling good, indeed about mothers, daughters and sisters!


Sharon said...

You have an awesome sister! And you're not so bad yourself!!! Happy "belated" Mothers Day!!

Bob mcDonald said...

Hey Grace,

If you haven't bought MS Works or Word yet, you might look into Sun Microsystem's Open Office, which offers the whole MSOffice Suite (Spreadsheet/Word Processor) for free. I use this on my laptop and it is fully compatible with MS Excel, Word, and even PowerPoint.

Bob McD