Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blogging as Therapy

Our Debt Blog left a comment here that got me to thinking. I don't blog daily. In fact, my last post was over a week ago. Yet that doesn't keep me from griping about other bloggers who post only sporadically. They should consider my gripes a compliment--I want to read MORE from them. I get cranky when they don't let me into their financial lives more frequently.

But that brings me back to why I don't post more often.

It's not like I don't have something to say. But how many times can I bemoan the state of my finances? Whine about the money I don't have? Obsess about the things I want to buy?

Then, too--how much do I really want to write about my failures.

It's a lot more fun to post when I've scored a financial coup or finally gotten my debt (including mortgage) under $100,000. Otherwise? Not so much. Do I really want to admit that the bathroom in my rental needs major repairs and will set me back some $2200?

Worse--would I want to write it down if I go off the deep end and make some really dumb purchase?


Why did I start blogging in the first place if not to establish a record of my very twisting road to retirement? If people read this to see how I'm doing, then shouldn't I be HONEST about how I'm REALLY doing?

And doesn't the act of blogging help keep me on track?

The answer to that last question is a big YES! I do strive for financial honesty in this blog. The knowledge that I'll have to post gives me pause--a financially good thing so far.

Plus, the comments I get, whether or not I take the advice, has been helpful.

So, I'll keep on keeping on.

And for you other slacking bloggers out there--you know who you are. Post something, dang it! How can I tell how I'm doing if I don't know how YOU are doing?


Rhea said...

I'm posting, I'm posting.

Grace. said...

Indeed you are, and I finally added The Boomer Chronicles to my blogroll. Sorry it took so long

Bouncing Back said...

It's nice to know that others have the same struggles (I got a quote of $1800 for new bathroom tile,it's gonna have to wait).

Yup, we love hearing about the good parts of our financial plans,but even the mundane stuff is a good read. Life happens to all of us. And if you make that dumb purchase, we do want to hear about it so we tell you it's OK to fail once in a while and we have all done that as well..

JW said...

I just made a post! Thanks