Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of Carnivals and Bookcases

I have posts in two carnivals this week.

Check out Plonkee Money's Photo Quiz Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance, which includes my post on bonds, and a bunch of other good posts. This carnival is huge, but it is also a great introduction to bloggers one might otherwise never find.

I'm also in the Festival of Frugality this week, outlining my search for the perfect but free bookcase. Frugal for Life is the host and there's a lot of good information in this carnival.

Just so you know, the bookcase search has now ended.

I found one on the free side of Craig's List. It cost me $5 to persuade my son-in-law to help me move it (the previous owner having "forgotten to mention" that the bookcase was down two flights of stairs!). It's not as good-looking as it was in the picture on Craig's List, but it is a fine addition to my dining room. In fact, it's already almost full of books.

Sorry to say, I may have to start looking for another one soon.


~Dawn said...

Glad to know that if you are patient enough, it will work out.
Thanks for the update!

JW said...

I just tagged you on my Blog.