Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toilet Paper Economics

Big Sigh.

Kimberly-Clark has announced it will be raising toilet paper prices in January, 2008.

Is there any better indication of creeping inflation?

The problem for those of us already practicing frugality is that there is nowhere to go to avoid these price increases. Well, I guess that's not entirely true--one could always move from 2-ply to 1-ply, but there is a limit to the sacrifices I'm willing to make to save a dollar.

When we already buy generic products, check for the lowest prices, and generally use it up, wear it out or don't buy in the first place, what happens when the lowest prices rise?

This, of course, is the curse always visited upon the poor. There are some items, like toilet paper, that one must buy. And if one's income does not increase at a rate commensurate with what one must buy--well, no wonder the poor keep getting poorer. And the frugal wind up saving less.


Anonymous said...

When toilet paper goes on sale (and I only buy 1000 sheet type) I buy enough for 6 months. I store them in the basement.

When I was in Europe, I had to use a bathroom and noticed they had cut up sheets of newspaper in the stalls. "How nice", thought I, "they give you something to read while here". Little did I know that the newspaper was actually for my rear end. Thank goodness I had tissues in my purse. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I always think necessities should not be subject to the vicissitudes of the market. I always get mad that tampons cost so much.

JW said...

Great point.

I don't consider myself poor but, we are definitely broke. So, when I hear these things it gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the toilet paper debacle! You know it is geting bad when we're paying more there! Everyone needs it! or do they???? :)

Grace. said...

Umm, Hank? YES, they do!!

Rhea, I think some things should be like bread in Paris--the French government mandates the price of bread and they keep it very low. Not that this would necessarily work if the only choice is Wonder Bread, however.

mariam said...

I'm taking a hard look at buying some KMB. If you can't live without it, buy it!

Anonymous said...

After assessing usage in my family when my kids were younger (actually sick of finding an empty toilet paper roll every time I went to the bathroom) I found Scott Toilet Paper to be the most cost effective. Not in originall cost but in cost vs. consumption. Just can't beat it.

Anonymous said...

And furthermore -- I can't stand Scott TP because it's 1-ply. I have to buy the better stuff.

Anonymous said...

I can never figure out which brand of TP is the most economical! I made the mistake of buying rolls of 4 for 99 cents at those 99 cent stores, only to realize the rolls were much smaller then the normal ones.

I've been going for one-ply recently because now that cold season is here, I want to splurge on super-soft tissues to blow my nose. I find those soft ones are really worth it because they don't make your nose look red like Rudolph's!