Saturday, August 25, 2007

Look Out for Traffic

I check Sitemeter daily to see how many people read (or at least click on) my blog. Generally, about 30 people a day check it.

Then yesterday, that number quadrupled!

It turns out that JLP at All Matters Financial highlighted my blog along with a couple of others. Hence the new readers checking me out.

The more, the merrier. If you're new to GRACEful Retirement and haven't gotten the full story on me, click here.

Feel free to comment along the way.


MEG said...

Hi! I found your blog via AllFinancialMatters as well-and I am really enjoying it! I'm a new blogger too, and my website was mentioned in that same post. My traffic shot up in the same way--you should check feedburner to see how and if your subscriptions were affected. I'm about to subscribe now, so you'll have at least one more! Happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I suspect my blog wouldn't cause your stats to spike, but if you're interested, I'd love to include you as a guest post, which I do on Thursdays. I'm in Canada (B.C.) and am a money coach. I think your situation is sooooo common - I come across it in my business constantly, and think your post would get a good bit of interest!
If you'd like to write a small post for me - maybe just describing your situation and what you're doing re: PF, I'd be delighted.