Monday, July 16, 2007

Free, Really Free, Credit Scores

So maybe everyone but me already knows this? I've had a My Points VISA card through Washington Mutual for two years. I originally got it because it had a 12 month "0% on balance transers" option which I used to pay down my credit card balances more quickly. I have used the card only occasionally since, and then just to earn My Points ( Whenever I have a balance on the card now, I pay it off within 30 days.

All of which means, I don't give much attention to the monthly statement from VISA. I do go online to pay the bill when there is one. I've seen the link for "Credit Score" but always assumed it was going to forward me to some kind of expensive service to check my credit score. Since I am not in the market for more credit, my credit score is not high on my financial radar.

However, I was listening to Clark Howard's radio show ( this week-end, and he mentioned that those of us with credit cards through Washington Mutual, have free access to our monthly-updated credit scores.

Who knew?

I immediately went online to check it out. Sure enough--my online statement not only shows my current credit score but also the scores for the past six months. My score has been rising slowly but steadily and now stands at 748.

This is not a service for which I'd ever pay. But I certainly don't object to getting a free look at my credit score.

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SavingDiva said...

A 748 is a pretty good score! Congrats!