Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Wrap-Up--Back on Track

I finally feel like I can breathe financially.

February is always hard because that's when property taxes and various insurance policies are due.

I not only managed to get everything paid, I did it without incurring more debt. In fact, I once again reduced my debt below $90,000 (including my house)--albeit just below, at $89,837.31. That is a monthly reduction of $996.69, though given the increase in debt in January, the net reduction is $204.69.

My retirement funds hit new highs in February, which also feels good. My general goal is to have at least $400,000 in my retirement 401(K)s when I retire in six years.

So I'm feeling pretty fine right now, and I'm hoping the rest of the year works out as well.


DeeDee said...

Awesome job! I wish we could say the same. Medical bills do have a way of overcoming good intentions.


Grace. said...

DeeDee--I was thrilled to see that your daughter got her kidney transplant and is doing so well. Expenses be damned when it comes to the medical needs of our children!

nicoleandmaggie said...

Yay! Keep up the good work!

Louise said...

it's good that your retirement fund are on track Grace,it's quite a concern given the last few years poor returns.

Jane said...

You did great considering the extra bills! Hopefully progress will be even better in March!

deedo said...

Hi, I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm not in as good shape as you as far as assets and net worth or 401, but I'm on the same track~ trying to save for retirement and wondering how I'm going to do it. So many of my questions, you've blogged about it! In a very engaging and entertaining way too, that relieves some of the stress about the subject matter. :) Thanks!