Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching Up

OK, I got some great suggestions for additions to my blogroll. Plus I realized that I've been reading some cool blogs that I hadn't yet put onto my site. For example, LC often comments here. I'd been reading her Retirement Daze for some time when all of a sudden, she had a stroke. Instead of putting her blog on hold, she has been writing her way through her treatment and continued recovery. I'm so sorry the stroke happened to her, but I'm still fascinated by her posts. (Just for the record, there is a serious history of strokes in my family going back three generations on both sides--I should probably be taking notes!)

Also check out I'm Losing It Here, Tessie's Awesome Blog, and Last Third of Our Life.

For those looking for Judy at "Finally Frugal," she is apparently on a temporary hiatus. Why that means she took the blog away with her, I don't know. But she says she will be back shortly, so I'll leave the link up for a bit longer.

March was the month in which I turned 63 though it was something of a non-event. However, I did get a new microwave from my sister, which I've been coveting for awhile but was too cheap to replace the old (but working!) model I've had for more than 10 years.

March was also a good month on the debt front--I paid down $1,694.55. Of course part of it came from my meager $300+ tax refund, but no matter--I love seeing the figures reduce. I now owe $88,142.76 on everything, including my house.

And, in some very good news, my retirement funds recently topped $250,000, which should mean that by the time I retire at age 69, I will have more than $400,000 in my 401(k).

So in spite of the fact that it is storming outside, March is leaving like a financial lamb.


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Grace. said...


What the WOOt?

Sharon said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Congrats on the debt reduction and savings increase! That's always a good thing. Hopefully April will be just as good!

LC said...

Thanks for the mention and for adding me to your blog roll. Yours is a well written, well read and much trusted blog. And that is based on more than my own anticipation to see what you post next. The evidence is in the flurry of visitors from my blog referred from GRACEFUL Retirement.

Blogging and the encouragement from you and other readers have contributed so much to keeping my spirits positive and my determination alive during stroke recovery! Thanks again!

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Jane said...

Thanks for including me on your blogroll Grace - I enjoy following your journey towards retirement as I am on the same journey. Happy 63rd birthday! I sort of ignore my birthdays (it's just a number right?...but such a HIGH number!!) But this year I've booked a B&B in Niagara Falls for something a little different because you just never know when life is going to throw a "health curve ball" at you.

Bob Lowry said...

Thanks for mentioning Retirement Daze. I hadn't checked it out in awhile and didn't know about the medical problem. The fact that LC is blogging during her recovery and sharing what she learns is a tremendous service to those who know someone who has suffered a stroke.

Congrats on your small refund. Why? Because it means you didn't loan the government much of your money for the last year.

Grace. said...

Hmm? So if I were a computer hacker I would have known what a W00t is? Dang!

nicoleandmaggie said...

You don't have to be a computer hacker, you just have to know a little l33t.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I'd been getting a lot of referrals and now I know why!

I'm in the process of reading more 'retirement' blogs versus just personal finance as we move closer to actually being retired. I've enjoyed reading Graceful Retirement for several months now. Thanks as well for lots of other links to check out.