Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Hold Your Breath & Jump

I mentioned back in November that a friend of mine was moving her family to the Pacific NW from California and would be living with me while she looked for work and housing.

It worked out very well for both of us. She now has a job in her field, a house in my neighborhood, and a new lease on life. She's been working for the past month, and will move to the rental this coming week-end.

I bring up my friend's case because she has been talking about moving here for years. It took the loss of a job she'd held for more than twenty years in California to give her the impetus to finally move. In doing so, she left the city she'd been in for quarter of a century, the state where she was born and her family still lives, and her home which was underwater (and being short-saled). She brought with her two children who were not at all sure about their mother's new "whim."

But here they are, two months later, and everything is different.

After suffering a massive ego-tromping when she got fired, my friend wasn't even sure she'd be employable in her field. But this isn't California. People with her credentials and experience are harder to find here, and it helped that she was used to commuting in California traffic, such that a 20 minute drive to her new job didn't phase her. In fact, her new job, which was offered to her the same day she handed them her resume, makes even better use of her skills than the position she held for some twenty years. She's still learning the ropes, but she can already tell that this employment is less stressful and more fulfilling than her previous job.

She hasn't quite adjusted to the weather, though I keep telling her that one does get used to the rain. I haven't the heart to let her know that so far, this has been an especially dry winter.

But she's found the neighborhoods and schools more integrated (her children are African-American) and much safer than those she left behind. Even rent (which I consider outrageous) appears reasonable to her, based upon similar housing in California.

Right now, she trying out the local churches to see where her family fits in, and expanding her circle of friends beyond those two or three (including myself) she knew before she got here.

It took courage and a lot of planning to make such a drastic change in her life. It probably would not have happened had her job situation not been so traumatic.

But the real point of this story is that not every financial setback is a tragedy--with the right attitude and a willingness to take risks, it can be the start of something much brighter.


Sharon said...

Kinda like the saying.."when God closes a door he opens a window..."

love this story, Grace. Maybe my family will take a "leap of faith" someday and move (since I'm not very fond of this area..)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome of her. I'm scared to death to do anything like that because my support network here.

Suzi said...

I love when the stars align or whatever and a plan works out. You are a friend indeed. And it didn't take the whole six months, did it?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for your friend, that must have been very traumatic for her

I love your blog, it Inspires to save my money and spend more wisely :)

Roberta said...

Inspiring story. I am happy it all worked out for you both!

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me back in 2001. It's tough to leave what you know and head out into the unknown. In the end though, sometimes it all works out for the better.

Good for your friend! She's very lucky to have someone good like you in her life.

Well done!

Jane said...

That does take a huge leap of faith, but as the saying goes "sometimes the only mode of transporation you have is a leap of faith" (Margaret Shepherd). I think once you open yourself up to take a risk help comes from many different sources.

Sandy said...

I agonized over whether or not to leave my job for a full year before finally making the move just about a month ago.

I have to say that the new job is much more fulfilling than the last, and I already know that I am much more appreciated. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith, and sometimes, like your friend, life FORCES you to.

I'm glad that she's happy.

priskill said...

Really great story -- I admire her courage and your generosity. Love silver lining!

Songbird said...

If only that can happen soon for the Boxcar Kids. Spread that good karma southward.

Medical Alert said...

This article is very encouraging, thank you for posting and sharing your experience with us.

Living Almost Large said...

Awesome story! I hope to imitate it one day except the job loss.