Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging, Books, Writing and Age

As longtime readers know, in my other other life (you know, the one apart from being mom to five adult kids, working full time and worrying about my finances if and when I ever get to retire) I love to read. Even more than that, I love to write, and I occasionally find a market for my science fiction short stories--not that I'm giving up my day job any time soon.

But my dream is to one day have a novel published. Over the years, that dream has gotten pushed farther and farther back, until now it is on my To Do list in retirement.

Which brings me to this list of late-blooming authors. For the longest time, I held onto Ursula Le Guin as a role model since she didn't start publishing science fiction until she was 37. But as my thirties (and forties) slipped by, I latched onto Harriet Doerr--not only was "Stones for Ibarra" a wonderful book, but the lady was 73 when it was published! Go Harriet!

It's not that I'm doing nothing right now to further that novel-writing dream. I've attended a monthly professional science fiction workshop for the past 30 years. I do write, albeit at an excruciatingly slow pace. I keep my hand in until life gives me some clear blocks of time to actively pursue this particular dream.

Oh, and I am constantly seduced by journals, blank books and the other accoutrements of writing. Which is probably why I like these blogs: "Notebook Stories" and "Make A Book A Day." (With regard to the latter, I am unfortunately NOT a crafty person. But I admire many of this blogger's products. Wouldn't it be fun to fill some of these blank books up with stories?)

Dreams are good. Keeping Harriet in mind, I've got another 11 years to achieve the reality.


DogAteMyFinances said...

I've been writing too, Grace. It's so hard, I have to make deadlines and goals for myself so that I stick to it. Like, I have to write 400 words by Saturday or I can't out to dinner.

I hope your dream comes true!

Grace. said...


So nice to hear from you and know that you're still around. You really should update your fans (myself, among them).

Sharon said...

I love your dreams, Grace. I hope that you will have the time to fulfill the soon! :)!

Bob said...

Oh no, you just added to my daily list. I am a sucker for blank journals or is the lure of the possible. And, the book a day site looks fascinating.

BTW, it took me 7 years to finish a simple travel book I wrote about Arizona. I lost interest for a few years. Then, five of the places I wrote about (complete with photos) were severly damaged by forest fires so I had to keep re-writing sections of the book.

Keep plugging away, Grace. You'll get there.

Jane said...

I've had that dream too, Grace, since I was in about Grade 2. My mother was a writer of children's stories and I was so proud of her. I came home everyday from school not to milk and cookies, but to the living room door closed and the sound of clacking typewriter keys (a manual typewriter of course, way back then.) My role model is P.D. James, not because she started late but because at the age of 91 she just published another novel!! - I have all of her books:)
Being a full-time teacher, mother and wife the only writing I do now is on my blog but I have big dreams of a writing garret in my future barn on my property in PEI.
Everyone needs a dream!

Colin said...

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Songbird said...

My SO just published his first book shortly after turning 61, Grace. Pray it be the only one while we're in a relationship. This one about did us in. I don't know if a subsequent one would be less stressful.
If anyone is interested in the minute details of the life of jazz musician Bunny Berigan, Mr. Trumpet is available on (Shameless plug to help boost SO's retirement funding! BUY BUY BUY!!!)
So, don't give up, Grace. At least you're putting pen to paper and not just thinking about it.

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer said...

I'm a science fiction fan so I would love to read your writing sometime.

Don't give up the dream and you can make it happen!