Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Old Year in Numbers

2011 is almost gone, so here's how it all wound up financially:

My overall debt decreased by $7,258 over the course of the past year.

My retirement funds in my 401(K)increased by $10,616.

My net worth decreased by $7648--a function of NW housing prices which have gone down steadily for the past two years. I'm not feeling too bad about this since I own my rental outright, and my current home will be paid off in 2.25 years. I'm still over the half-million mark which sounds fine to me.

I did not meet my 2011 goal which was a desired debt reduction of $10,000.

But hey! There's whole new year coming up!

New Year but same old goals because I am still determined to lower my debt by at least $10,000 a year.


Janette said...

You go girl! $10,000 a year is great.
It is a new year. Time to start again.

Sharon said...

Grace! Congrats on a GREAT financial year! $10,000 less of debt is definitely the right direction! Here's to a prosperous 2012!

Bob Lowry said...

In today's economy a debt reduction of any size is a praiseworthy event..over $7,000 even more so.

The feeling of owning your home free and clear in 2 years is hard to describe. You will feel like the master and commander of your fate.

Have a productive and "grace-filled" new year.

Anonymous said...

Grace, congratulations on the debt paydown and increase in 401K. I hope 2012 will be even better!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

What is your plan of attack?

Grace. said...

Plan? Hmm--(1) make a resolution; (2) Take a shower; (3) read a good book; and (4) think about it tomorrow! If that was good enough for Scarlett, it's good enough for moi!

Just kidding.

I think.

Super Saver said...

Congratulations. Great progress.